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There's nothing worse than walking into your basement and finding puddles of water, cracked walls and the smell of mildew. Wise Waterproofing has the solution!

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With over a decade of experience in basement waterproofing, our team is here to help keep your basement dry.  Wise Waterproofing is Northeast Ohio’s go-to waterproofing contractor. Providing professional basement waterproofing systems, sump pumps, downspout lines & french drains.

Professional, Honest, Affordable & Knowledgable are some of the words our customers frequently use to describe us. Serving Akron, Canton, Cleveland and the surrounding area. Contact us today!

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Basement Waterproofing Services


Reliable basement waterproofing solutions for your home.

sump pump installation

A reliable water pump is critical for keeping your basement dry.

downspout line close up

We ensure water is drained away from your home properly.


Eliminate pools of water in your yard and around your foundation.

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sump pump installation

Recent Basement Waterproofing Projects

sump pump installation
clean waterproofing finish
waterproofing seal
french drain in akron ohio


Both are reliable options, but interior waterproofing is generally far more affordable and just as effective. Learn how interior waterproofing works here.

Sump pumps are an integral part of an interior waterproofing system and discharge water out and away from your home.

We sure do! You can apply for financing here.

Schedule an inspection. This will allow a professional waterproofer to diagnose your problem and provide an affordable solution.

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Finding water damage in a basement is never pleasant. It’s usually not something homeowners are prepared for and it can quickly become a scary situation. Water damages furniture and other valuables, causes mold, and creates an unsafe environment for homeowners. Being an educated homeowner is one of the best things you can do to help

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efflorescence on concrete wall

Efflorescence: The White Stuff on Basement Walls

What Is Efflorescence Have you ever noticed a white chalky substance on a basement wall and wondered what it was? It’s called efflorescence and it’s quite common in basements. A popular misconception is that it’s mold or something potentially dangerous to breathe, but in reality, it’s harmless. Efflorescence is a salty residue leftover when water

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