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Professional Basement Waterproofing Systems

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Investing in a reliable basement waterproofing system is the best way to prevent your basement from flooding and damaging your valuables. Addressing early signs of water like small puddles, cracks in the walls, efflorescence and mildew is the best solution for preventing costly basement repairs.

A waterproofing system is far more affordable than a flooded basement. Contact Wise Waterproofing today for a free inspection and learn why we are Akron’s favorite waterproofer. 

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Common Signs of Basement Water Problems

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

basement waterproofing and moisture barrier

Interior basement waterproofing systems is our speciality and the best way to keep your basement dry. Learn more about interior waterproofing below!

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A sump pump is installed at the lowest point of the basement, where water will gather naturally. The pump sends water out and away from your home’s foundation. We provide pump repair and installation services.


French drains provide an affordable exterior drainage option for homeowners to carry water away from their foundation & yard using gravel and perforated piping.

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Downspout lines carry roof water away from the foundation. A clogged downspout line causes water build up around your home. We test your downspout lines to ensure you are not at risk of excessive water next to your home.

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How Interior Basement Waterproofing Works

basement construction diagram

1. Basement Construction

During the construction of a house a big concrete foundation is paved (Footer). The wall is built on top of the footer and then the floor is poured to make your basement. On the outside of the house a footer tile is installed to drain any water that meets your foundation. Then the surrounding area is backfilled with loose soil.

2. Clogged Footer Tile

Over time the footer tile will clog with dirt. This happens because the loose soil gets carried through the water into the tile. That sediment will harden and repeat the process over the years until it cant take away the water fast enough.

basement footer tile over time
hydrostatic pressure diagram

Once the footer tile is clogged water will begin to build pressure (hydrostatic pressure) and fill the blocks of your basement foundation with water. Usually the walls will show signs of effervescence before water penetrates onto the floor.

4. Install New Footer Tile

Since the footer tiles are clogged and can no longer take water, the only solution is to replace the tiles. Most people choose to install a new interior footer tile, partly due to the cost of excavating the entire exterior or landscaping and paved driveways. Both inside and outside are options that have their own benefits. Shown in the photo is a newly installed interior footer tile and a vapor barrier to stop any moisture from diffusing through the walls.

footer tile diagram
sump pump diagram

5. Water Pump

A pressure relief system is then installed consisting of a sump pump and battery back up unit. This will expel any water away from the foundation. The water is then discharged into a functional downspout or a new line is made to guarantee water does not cycle back next to your house.

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