Downspout & Discharge Lines

Ensure roof water is properly carried away from your home to prevent potential basement water issues. 

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Downspout Repair & Installation in Akron, Ohio

Why Are Downspouts Important?

Downspout lines are an important part of a home’s water drainage system. Roof water is carried from your gutters into a downspout line and carried away from your home. 

When downspout lines are clogged, your gutters will begin to overflow and water will accumulate at the base of your home’s foundation. This leads to water build up around your home’s foundation and water eventually seeps into your basement and walls.

Wise Waterproofing of Akron, Ohio provides professional downspout repairs, cleanings, and installations to ensure roof water is properly drained. Contact our certified waterproofing team today for all your downspout line needs.

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Risks of Clogged or Damaged Discharge Lines

Frequently Asked Questions - Downspouts

  • Downspout lines are typically constructed using aluminum and PVC piping.

Water drainage from downspout lines is carried through an underground drainage system such as a french drain and taken to a sewer, street or other area away from your home.

Downspouts are clogged from debris like limbs, leaves and dirt falling into your gutters and downspout lines. Additionally, tree roots can damage underground lines and cause backup.

Downspouts are an affordable option for ensuring rain water is properly drained away from your home. Materials are relatively inexpensive and repairs can typically be completed in a days work.

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Additional Waterproofing Solutions

sump pump cropped

Basement Waterproofing

A sump pump is installed at the lowest point of the basement, where water will gather naturally. The pump sends water out and away from your home’s foundation.

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Downspout Lines

Downspout lines carry roof water away from the foundation. A clogged downspout line causes water build up around your home. We test your downspout lines to ensure you are not at risk of excessive water next to your home.

basement french drain

French Drains

French drains provide an affordable option for homeowners to carry water away from their foundation using gravel and perforated piping.

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