Downspout Repair & Installation in Akron, OH

Our downspout and discharge line services ensure roof water is properly carried away from your home to prevent water issues in your basement and yard.

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The Importance of Downspouts in Akron & Northeast Ohio

Downspout lines are an important part of a home’s water drainage system. Roof water is carried from your gutters into a downspout line and carried away from your home. 

When downspout lines are clogged, your gutters will begin to overflow and water will accumulate at the base of your home’s foundation. This leads to water build up around your home’s foundation and water eventually seeps into your basement and walls.

Wise Waterproofing of Akron, Ohio provides professional downspout repairs, cleanings, and installations to ensure roof water is properly drained. Contact our certified waterproofing team today for all your downspout line needs.

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5 Rules for Reliable Downspouts & Discharge Lines

1. Test the Line

If there is an existing downspout, dye test the downspout line to see if there is a break in the line. If not, we begin at the area where the roof discharges the water.

2. Locate the Exit

Establish an area for the water to go. Usually this will go to the end of the street, if that is not an option then it is the area with the best grade away from the home.

3. Materials Matter

Materials matter, DO NOT use corrugated pipe for downspouts as they will become riddled with roots within a couple years. PVC should be used for downspout lines.

4. Pitch the Pipe

Once the area of discharge is determined, we make sure to properly pitch the pipe in the ground so that gravity will take the water away from the foundation.

5. Save the Sod

If the soil is soft enough we can usually save the sod as well for a seamless install. If there are many tree roots we may have to use a machine to allow subsoil access.

downspout gravel akron oh
downspout gravel akron oh

Risks of Clogged or Damaged Downspout Lines

Frequently Asked Questions - Downspouts

  • Downspout lines are typically constructed using aluminum and PVC piping. Perforated piping is not recommended as it’s weak and susceptible to root damage.

Water drainage from downspout lines is carried through an underground drainage system such as a french drain and taken to a sewer, street or other area away from your home.

Downspouts are clogged from debris like limbs, leaves and dirt falling into your gutters and downspout lines. Additionally, tree roots can damage underground lines and cause backup.

Downspouts are an affordable option for ensuring rain water is properly drained away from your home. Materials are relatively inexpensive and repairs can typically be completed in a days work.

downspout discharge akron ohio
downspout discharge akron ohio
downspout repair akron ohio

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