Are Downspouts the Main Cause of Basement Water Damage?

Downspouts: The Straw That Breaks Your Basement's Back

Many homeowners assume downspouts (discharge lines) are the main cause of basement flooding but the truth is, they’re usually just the straw that breaks your basement’s back

Generally, damaged downspouts are a small part of a more serious basement water issue caused by clogged footer drains.

Footer drains are installed when a home is first built and are located around the exterior of a home’s foundation. They give water a channel to travel away from the foundation to help prevent flooding.

They are an integral part of keeping basements dry, but overtime, dirt, soil, and other particles find their way into the footer drain and cause a clog as shown below:

clogged footer drain
Clogged footer drain overtime

A footer clog obviously then prevents water from properly flowing away from your home and leads to basement flooding.

This is where most major basement water issues occur and broken downspouts are often just the icing on the cake.

So, Should You Have Your Downspouts Repaired?

Since you now know downspouts alone generally aren’t the main suspect of serious basement water problems, you might be wondering if its still worth having them repaired. 

The answer is yes.

Clogged or damaged downspouts add excess water and hydrostatic pressure around the foundation and this is often the tipping point of water finding its way into your home. 

When footer drains and discharge lines both aren’t doing their job, you can have a real basement disaster on your hands.

Why Are Downspouts Important?

Downspouts provide many benefits such as:

  • Keeping the exterior of your home free from water stains
  • Sending rain water from your roof and gutters away from your home
  • Preventing basement flooding
  • Protecting your roof and attic from water damage

Learn more about downspouts here

Worried You Might Have A Basement Water Issue?

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