Foundation Repair

Foundation repairs are critical to keeping your home safe and preventing bigger basement issues in the future. Wise Waterproofing is here to help.

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Foundation Repair for Akron, Canton & Cleveland, OH

If you notice signs of floor or wall cracking, leaning or bowing basement walls, uneven floors, doors sticking and other foundation issues, Wise Waterproofing is here to provide you with a reliable solution.

Out team conducts a thorough inspection to determine the exact causes of your foundation issues. Foundation repair is generally caused by the type of soil around the foundation, moisture levels, hydrostatic pressure and freezing temperatures. Every home and situation is different, schedule a free inspection to determine if foundation repair is right for you.

Common Foundation Problems

Cracked foundation walls and floors is the most common reason homeowners contact us. Cracked walls isn’t always a huge concern, but it’s best to have them inspected in case you have a real foundation issue.

old beams

Are your basement walls bowing or bending inward? You likely have a foundation issue that needs to be addressed.

efflorescence on concrete wall

Settling foundation issues can be hard to notice at first, but overtime will lead to major structural problems with your home.


Although doors and windows can stick for many reasons, weak support beneath a floor and foundation settlement are the most common issues related to foundations.

What Causes Foundation Issues?

The type of soil around your foundation has a substantial effect on the integrity of your home. Clay soil, commonly found beneath the ground throughout Akron, Ohio, expands and contracts during changes in the weather. When the clay dries, it shrinks, when it soaks up moisture during rainfall it expands. As clay expands it puts substantial pressure on foundation walls and leads to wall cracking and other foundation issues.

Hydrostatic pressure occurs when an excessive amount of  force is applied to the exterior of a home’s foundation. The force is often caused by poor drainage around the foundation. When water builds up around a foundation and has nowhere to drain it pushes its way through the foundation leading to wall cracking, bowing and other issues.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Wise Waterproofing is here to provide a solution for your foundation issues. Our team installs support beams from the interior of your basement to help stabilize bowed walls, alleviate the pressure caused by issues like saturated soil and hydrostatic pressure, and even straighten walls to their original position.

Repairing foundations from the exterior is often more difficult and in some cases impossible due to various limitations. Wall supports allow us to repair your foundation from the inside.

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