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French drains are an excellent solution for eliminating pools of water in your yard and preventing water build up around your property’s foundation.

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French Drain Services

If you notice pooling water in your yard and around the exterior of your home, a french drain is often the perfect solution. French drains prevent water from pooling in the lowest areas of your yard by draining water to a safe location through graded perforated piping.

Wise Waterproofing determines if french drains are right for you by inspecting your yard’s moisture issues and existing waterproofing and drainage systems. This allows us to determine if french drains are the best solution for your home.

Our french drains are installed using PVC as opposed to corrugated piping to ensure a long lasting system. The piping is placed beneath the ground at a grade to provide a slope for water to flow away from your yard and to a more appropriate place.

Frequenty Asked Questions

French drains are used to reduce the amount of sitting water in a low area, or if there is a heavy grade towards the house, to stop heavy amounts of water from saturating the loose soil close to a foundation.

French drains prevent pooling water, basement water issues and an affordable option for homeowners to solve their exterior water issues.

The main component of a french drain is PVC or corrugated piping. PVC is much more durable than corrugated piping and is what Wise Waterproofing recommends installing. The piping is placed in a sloped trench a few feet beneath the ground and surrounded with landscape fabric, gravel, and soil to protect and keep the drain in place for many years.

French drains are one of the most affordable and effective solutions for eliminating water issues in your yard. Factors like the amount of problematic water, obstacles in your yard, and the size (footage) of your property will all play a part in the cost. French drains generally range from $10-35 a foot.

Some homeowners choose to install french drains on their own, but it’s not advised. Ensuring trenches are dug safely, drains are set at the right grade, and water is redirected properly is best left up to the pros.

We always use PVC, corrugated pipe is cheap both in cost and in quality and does not hold up to the standard in which we install.

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