How to Dry A Wet Basement

A wet basement can be a homeowner’s nightmare, leading to mold growth, structural damage, and air quality concerns. Fortunately, there are effective ways to dry a damp basement and prevent future moisture problems. In this blog post, we’ll explore a few DIY methods for short term solutions and the best long term strategies and techniques to keep your basement dry and comfortable.

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1. Identify the Source of Moisture

Before being able to dry a basement, it’s crucial to identify the source of moisture. Common causes of basement dampness include poor drainage, leaking pipes, condensation, and cracks in the foundation. Understanding the root cause will help you address the problem at its source and determine the appropriate waterproofing solution.

2. Improve Basement Ventillation

Proper ventilation is key to reducing moisture levels in the basement. Ensure that the space is adequately ventilated by installing vents or exhaust fans. By circulating fresh air, you’ll reduce the buildup of humidity and prevent the musty smell often associated with damp basements.

3. Utilize A Dehumidifier

Investing in a high-quality dehumidifier can significantly improve basement moisture levels. Dehumidifiers work by extracting excess moisture from the air, helping to maintain a dry and healthy environment. Opt for a model with an automatic humidity control feature to maintain optimal levels without constant monitoring.

Although a tool every homeowner should own, a dehumidifier is not a recommended basement waterproofing solution for keeping water out of basements long term. Depending on the severity of water in your basement, a dehumidifier may or may not solve your issue. A professional waterproofing company will be able to adequately address your situation.

4. Waterproof Your Basement

The most effective way to dry a wet basement is to have it waterproofed professionally. This can be done from the inside or outside of your basement depending on a number of factors. The truth is, this is the only long-term solution for keeping water out. Other methods like dehumidifying and ventilation may only temporarily help your situation. If you have water in your basement now, you will almost certainly have a problem in the future if not addressed professionally.

Learn more about the basement waterproofing process.

5. Improve Exterior Drainage

Enhancing the exterior drainage around your home can significantly improve basement moisture levels. There are a number of exterior drainage methods including french drains, downspout lines and yard grading.

Make sure that gutters are clean and free from debris, position downspouts away from the foundation to direct water away from your home, and consider grading the ground away from the foundation to prevent water pooling near the basement walls.

Exterior drainage methods are often effective and affordable methods for keeping a basement dry depending on the level of moisture finding its way into your home.

6. Inspect Sump Pump

If you have an existing waterproofing system and sump pump in your home, be sure your sump pump is working properly. Sometimes sump pumps need repairs from motor failure or electrical issues. A waterproofing technician will be able to repair or install a new sump pump for you in just a few hours.

A sump pump helps redirect water away from your basement, keeping it dry during heavy rains. Keeping up with regular maintenance is key to keeping a basement dry.


Keeping a basement dry requires a multifaceted approach, addressing both the symptoms and root causes of moisture issues. By identifying the source of moisture and implementing the strategies mentioned above, you can create a dry, healthy, and livable basement.

Just remember, basement water is no joke! A professional waterproofing company should be consulted to have your issue properly addressed.

Wise Waterproofing provides free basement inspections for all of Northeast Ohio including Akron, Cleveland, Canton & the surrounding areas.

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